Wednesday, February 27, 2008

D Day

Today is the day all the clutter from my kitchen is leaving.

There just one problem, the husband doesn't want any of the stuff to go. How does one deal with those things?

His reasoning is that we will need them when we get a bigger home, my reply is that when we get a bigger home we can get nicer matching dishes. He wants me to pack up the stuff so he can store them in the attic. Ugh. I feel bad for not taking his opinion into consideration but I am getting rid of the stuff. I am giving in a bit. I am keeping the shot glasses, those are the ones he was most upset about, since we got them as souvenirs to places we have been.*

Plus I'm selling princess house now, I can get nicer dishes than what we have. I am getting rid of a china set and having doubts about it but it's hasn't been used in 2 years.

*I'll get rid of them later, just need to work on him a bit :P
**I'm getting rid of everything on the self and then some, plus what on the floor except for the iron.

Here some progress I have done.

Junk Drawer no More

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