Thursday, February 28, 2008

D Day, sort of ...

My family won.

The picture is funny. I laughed when I saw my son by the door but it was no joke they were so adament about me not taking memories out of our home. I tried so hard to explain that memories are in are mind and heart, things don't posses memories. They wanted none of it, all they were saying was that it was my friend's fault for buying me that book to put ideas in my head.

I did take stuff out but very little to do with the kitchen. So this is the plan*, every trash day in March I will take out little by little. When they realize what I did, it will be too late. I know it's deceitful and sneacky but really. I have 4 or 5 different set of dishes that have not been used in over a year.

*The husband or children don't read this blog, just the one with the pictures and that's very rare. So I sure can get away with this.

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