Thursday, January 10, 2008


I had an interview today, which I believe went really well.
This time around I haven't been nervous at all on the interviews (2) and test (2) I have had. Even the hubby is a bit surprised by my attitude towards my employment search. I have been a bit laid back in my search but that was only because of the holidays. Now that we have started a new year, I am going to be taking a more active approach. I have been sending in my resume a couple of times a week and that is how I ended up with the interviews I have had.

Today, I realized I need an interview outfit. I was feeling okay with what I wore but when I got to the interview I felt a little unease by what I was wearing. There were quite a few other candidates there (they were not all for the same position.) The men were dressed in nice suites and some are the females were wearing nice pants suites also. I figured I need two outfits, just in case I get called in for second interviews.

Since I have gained weight being at home these past few months, I really don't have anything presentable to wear. My dress pants are a bit snug and my tops don't look nice on me. I'm even a bit embarrassed typing this, but for the two interviews I wore one of the hubby's dress shirts.
I should be telling myself that I will loose the weight to fit into my clothes but I need to be realistic, I can't loose 20 pounds in a couple of weeks in order for my clothes to fit.

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