Monday, January 14, 2008

Gloomy Mood

I'm feeling in a gloomy mood. I had a really good weekend but yesterday we went in search of finding me an interview outfits. I no longer fit in clothes that were my fat size, I have gone a size bigger. I didn't like anything on me, including the dress I got but I was just besides myself by the time I picked out the dress.

Then to top it all off, this is my aunt. Sshe's 72 and looks so much better than I do. I need to center myself and really focus on my appearance. Many times I have started to work on my appearance but only get frustrated with all the work it take and then I give up.
Part of the reason for the other half of this blog is for me to prove to myself that I can start and finish a project. I have to extend that sentiment and motivation onto myself.

I'm still very excited with the news that if I loose one pound a week I can be at my goal weight by August. You have no idea how much I want it, but wanting it and actually doing the work is where the problem lays with me.

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